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The "Northern Fleet" is approaching. Presentation of the new album, and all the best songs of the band at a big concert in the club "Star"!

Since its inception, the group "Northern Fleet" has released several singles, two studio albums, each of which has its own unique musical and semantic component, as well as a "live" film-concert "Live in Moscow". In autumn of 2017 the maxi-single "Time to Love" was released, which included 3 songs. Maxi-single received a wide response from the listener, which was confirmed by the first places on the rock chart "Google Play", on which all three songs were several weeks old.

The key definition for the new release is the experiment. The single is recorded in an atmosphere of creative improvisation, without reference to any styles and directions. "New breath", pure creativity, just music, what the band sees it. Already now we can say that the experiment has justified itself, and the recording of the third full-length album will also take place on "Dobrolet" in cooperation with Andrei Alyakrinsky. What will be the new album is difficult to say, but you can definitely say that it will be memorable and unlike the previous two releases. We are waiting for everyone at the concert in the club "Zvezda", a powerful sound and video screens, on which the author's video for each composition is projected, will allow you to immerse in the atmosphere of the songs of the group "Northern Fleet"!


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