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April 25, 2018 in the club "Star" will be a presentation of the new album Plan Lomonosov!

Lomonosov's plan is a metropolitan supergroup led by frontman Alexander Ilyin, who pretends to be the national Jared Leto (or Johnny Depp, if you like), successfully combining the career of a professional actor and musician. Throughout the seven-year history of the collective, the discography of the guys has grown up with three longplayies and an experimental punk poem for V.Mayakovski's poems "The Cloud in the Pants", the geography of their concerts is constantly expanding, and in the clips of the music festivals the cartridge with engraving "Lomonosov's Plan" and the brand mascot - "Vasilich "- Charged along with the most daring heroes of rock.

Inspired by the success, Lomonosov's plan is preparing to release a new album, this time in his native Moscow (the last, by the way, was recorded in the US) and promising new hits, action films and hymns. In the spring of 2018 we will find out if the album with the serial number "IV" will appear as significant in the history of the group, as the eponymous masterpiece of Led Zeppelin. To dispel all doubts on this account will allow concert presentations of the album. Be there! Be with us!


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