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Samara concert IC3PEAK with the presentation of the album "Sweet Life"!

IC3PEAK is the duet of Nastya Kreslina and Nikolay Kostylev - a digital industrial pop overloaded on all frequencies, in which sound terrorism and piercing vocals are combined with melodic intelligibility and opportunities for dancing. The visual part of the project: from the pictures and photos in the Instagram to the video registration during live performances and clips - the result of their own vision of the guys and their own hands, because all the visual materials, like music, they do solely themselves. One of the most easily convertible young Russian bands, which is evidenced by concerts not only in Russia, but also in Europe, North and South America, but on the new album "Sweet Life" the lyrics suddenly sound not in English, but in Russian.

An electronic duo, created by Olga Chebara (Cheese People) and Alla Chetaeva (Bajinda Behind The Enemy Lines) at the end of 2016-year. This is a new style of execution of the female low-fi synth-pop, woven from all the epochs we have lived, telling about all the stories we have seen. Framed by a synchronous, minimalistic, but precise choreography, the live performance of the project leaves a sense of completeness, completeness and harmony. This is a strong fresh word on the music scene, a purely female collective, confident in its abilities.


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