House of officers of the Samara garrison named after K. E. Voroshilov

House of officers of the Samara garrison named after K. E. Voroshilov

Samara, St. Shostakovich, 7

Currently, the House of officers of the Samara Garrison carries cultural-educational, military and mass, outreach, cultural and recreational work for the benefit of military and civilian personnel 2 CVO Army. In the House of Officers, there is a military historical exposition department, a museum of historical troops of the Central Organ, a circle network, including more than 15 creative teams.

Concert propaganda team GDO take an active part in cultural and leisure activities in the military units of the garrison and exercises, so more than 80 departures propaganda teams GDO in military units were organized in the period 2010-2011. GDO groups have participated and won in the all-army, the international and regional competitions and festivals, performed on tour in India, Japan, Sweden, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and other countries.

Samara GDO repeatedly encouraged for their work certificates and diplomas of the Russian Government, the command of the Defense Ministry and CVO, regional authorities, including the Diploma of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation "For achievements in patriotic education" Diploma of I degree in the competition KDU the Armed Forces "Golden Falcon" . The staff of the House of officers of the Samara garrison focused its work on the search for new forms of work with the military, improving and leisure development in educational work in the garrison and the Volga region CVO.


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